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Finncon Programme

The programme of Finncon 1999, the previous Finncon organised in Turku, included about sixty presentations, and this time the event will be even bigger. Because Finncon is also at the same time both Eurocon and Baltcon, part of the programme will be in English and Swedish. In addition to experts and ordinary people interested in science fiction and fantasy, also academic researchers will be present. Lecturers will come from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, and Italy.

Programme map shaped

The programme map is finished. All programs in English have been marked with a particular colour. At most time there're more than one English programmes going on simultaneously, and quite often in the main hall, IX. The list of all English programmes describes each item in detail.

Programme in general

A conference for science fiction researchers and a meeting for SF writers will be arranged on Friday, August 1st. Both are open to everybody. More information on the research seminar is provided by Kanerva Eskola (

On Saturday and Sunday (August 2nd and 3rd), the programme will include panel discussions on SF and fantasy, presentations, talks by the guests of honour, award ceremonies and anime shows. You can also pass the time by studying the offerings of the stalls, taking a look at the stands of the SF societies, touring the art exhibition, or talking with SF enthusiasts from all around Finland and Europe. Children and the childlike will have special programme in the spirit of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. On Saturday night a traditional evening party and masquerade will take place.

The aim is to have something for everyone. There will be literature, films, science fiction on TV, and comics. The Finnish Science Fiction Writers' Association will organise a workshop on criticism, for which you can sign up with Markku Soikkeli (

One central theme in Finncon X will be science fiction and fantasy as a hobby. Activities such as amateur writing, collecting, amateur films, and fan fiction will be investigated, as well as present-day challenges on SF fan activity, and SF as a way of life. The different phenomena of fan culture, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Tolkien, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, will also be under scrutiny.

In honour of the tenth Finncon, there will be a special history panel on the Finnish SF con, and a discussion on Finns' all-time participation in international SF events. As Glasgow's Worldcon of 2005 draws near, this huge international meeting of SF enthusiasts will have an introduction of its own.

The scientific perspective will be represented by lectures on space research. Participating experts include Esko Valtaoja, winner of the Tieto-Finlandia prize for non-fiction, and Sini Merikallio, who took part in NASA's Mars simulation.

Programme by the guests of honour include talks, question hours, autograph occasions and author's readings. The so called Kaffee-Klatsch meetings provide a chance to meet a favourite guest of honour over a cup of coffee.

Japanese anime will again appear as its own theme with presentations, panel discussions, video shows and an art exhibition. There'll also be a special anime masquerade or cosplay on Saturday.

As part of Finncon's Baltcon-related programme, the short story competition Baltastica 2003 will be organised for the residents of the Baltic Sea countries. The language of the competition is English. On Saturday, last year's best Finnish science fiction or fantasy short story will receive the traditional Atorox prize. The winner of this year's NOVA short story competition will also be announced during the weekend.

Finncon is free and open for everybody.

Regarding the programme, contact programme manager Mrs Kaisa Ykspetäjä: email-deleted, +358 40 577 1983.

Latest update for this page: 11.4.2003.


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