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Animecon is the first and, at the moment, the only big anime event in Finland. Animecon has been arranged once before, together with Finncon 99 in Turku. The programme for the previous Animecon included among other things panels and lectures, anime presentations, an art exhibition, role playing games, and a cosplay contest.

This year we are going to include in Animecon as many genres as we can in order to provide the visitors with many different experiences. The programme will include panels, lectures, presentations, video shows, a cosplay contest, an art exhibition, a quiz, and programme by the guest of honour. The Guest of Honor will be Jonathan Clements from England. He has translated many mangas and animes, written several books, and even voice acted in a few animes.

The main organizer of Animecon is Turku Anime Society. Additional organizer are

Animecon is part of the Finncon X - Eurocon 2003 event.


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