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Cosplay contest at Animecon II

At Animecon two distinct Cosplay contests will be held: Dress contest, which is open to all with a costume, and Performance contest for groups. The winner of the Dress contest and the audience's favorite group will be chosen by Finncon audience, and the Performance contest winner will be determined by an independent jury.

Dress Contest

The Dress contest is open to all with a Cosplay costume, that is, a costume modeled after a specified character. The spirit of Cosplay also requires acting, but having fun is the main requirement. All contestants will be issued (in the order of entry) a numbered tag that can be worn from the start of the Finncon. The audience can leave their votes to ballot box after viewing the costumes on the stand and on the Finncon grounds. All contestants will be given an opportunity to display their costume on stage, where they can give a little one-person show if they desire.

Cosplay contests are separate from the Finncon Masquerade party and participation does not exclude from participating to other costume contests.

The Dress contest requires entry, but it is possible to enter on the grounds. When giving your entry to the address

  • name of the participant
  • name of the character
  • origins of the character

    Performance contest

    Performance contest is targeted at groups of no less than two participants (multiple personalities are not allowed) and does not exclude the individuals of the group to participate in the Dress contest.

    The presentation of the performance is free, i.e. a scene or it's adaptation, a sketch, music and/or dance show. The jury will be handed general guidelines, but every member of the jury will be making their own independent decisions.

    The Performance contest requires a pre-entry to the address email-deleted with the following information:

    • names of participants
    • name of the group
    • short description of the presentation
    • approximate duration of the presentation
    • possible need for A/V-equipment unless provided by the groups themselves.

    The hall has limited A/V capabilities, but the Animecon committee will help within it's capabilities.

    The winner of the Performance contest will be rewarded with a challenge cup which will be first prize again at Animecon III at the summer of 2004 in Jyväskylä, Finland. The audience of Finncon will also be voting for it's favourite.


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